What Makes Us Different?

Welcome to FMI where investors are taught through experiences and their investments are secured through partnerships

With numerous real estate investing courses, workshops, events, books, online communities and mentors to choose from, what makes FMI different? It all starts with our why... Like many good businesses, FMI was found by identifying an increasing problem and creating an everlasting solution. The problem being that the vast majority of newer investors are over paying for the projects they do buy, causing very thin margins or worse yet, loss of money.

At FMI We Believe...

that money is made on the purchase. In other words, projects need to be acquired at a price that will ensure profit and construction needs to be bid and managed correctly to avoid costly expenses. What does that mean for the new investor? This means we will stand by your side and help guide you through each step of the process to maximize profit potential. We handle everything from purchase negotiations, construction management, design, financing, closing transactions and marketing. Partner with us on your next flip project to learn from the pros and increase profit!

Our Headquarters

North America:
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Email: info@flipmentors.com
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