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No Out of Pocket Costs!

At FMI, we believe everyone should make money! We allow for the mentorship costs to be taken out of the proceeds of our first flip together. This means no up front fees and profit on your first flip!

Industry Experts

Join our team for a joint venture and learn from the pros! We have an experienced team of experts that cover each industry profession, resulting in unparalleled education and guidance.

Instant Credibility

Real Estate Investing is a competitive industry, partnering with us will give instant credibility and increase the seller's confidence in choosing YOUR offer!

468 Kempton

Kempton Flip!

  • Purchased: $308k
  • Rehab: $80k
  • Listed: $469K

"WOW! Hundreds of flips later, this will be one for the records! This one was an absolute mess; floor to ceiling junk, numerous 60ft trees to remove, patios to demolish - just to name a few... I think it turned out alright!"

2213 Westland

Westland Flip!

  •  Duration: 5 months from purchase to resale 
  • Purchased: $600k
  • Sold: $905k
  • ROI: 21%

What an awesome South Park flip! This one was a lot of fun, 3 months of construction, pending in less than 2 weeks, sold over asking!




3265 Jappa

Jappa Flip!

  • Duration: 5 1/2 months from purchase to resale
  • Purchased: $520k
  • Sold: $665K
  • ROI: 9%

Great flip in the Bay Ho neighborhood! Took a little longer than expected, was back on market in 4 months and pending in less than 30 days. No Complaints

369 Theresa

Theresa Flip!

  • Duration: 3 months from purchase to resale
  • Purchased: $365k
  • Sold: $460k
  • ROI: 8%

Not the "homerun" many investors look for, but still a great project. Closed on the purchase and the sale exactly 3 months apart, including construction and marketing time.


Countless discussions about how to make the entrance into real estate investing lead to the creation of FMI. We feel that all to often class room education doesn't translate to successful investing, if any action is taken at all. Partnering with the us on your flip while being educated on the process has proven to be a much more efficient model. The fastest way to become the best is to learn from the best. Our experienced team of investment specialists are ready to guide you through the entire flipping process, decrease risk and increase profit.

Ben Stoodley

Founder & CEO

Ben Stoodley is a Loan Originator at Lantzman Lending and co-founder at FMI. Ben has been involved in a variety of focuses in the Real Estate industry, ranging form Corporate Housing to Luxury Sales to Investment Financing.

Erin O'Connor


Erin O'Connor owns a boutique real estate broker servicing San Diego County called Sustainable Realty Group (SRG). SRG has a particular expertise in the areas of locating investment properties and maximizing the equity/value of our clients' properties.

Antonio Gonzalez

Acquisitions & Sales

Antonio Gonzales is a Broker Associate with Lantzman Lending & Sustainable Realty Group. He has extensive experience in distressed asset acquisitions and analysis, property valuation, loan underwriting, and buyer/seller representation.


The closest thing to a guarantee... Partnering with us on a fix and flip will decrease risk and increase profit potential. With over 300 successful flips, our team will hold your hand through each process to ensure the greatest chances of success.

Education Only

Here we will educate you on all necessary steps involved with a successful real estate fix and flip. It's a mix of office/computer and construction site settings.

Joint Venture

The best option for true learning and profit building - Find a deal and we will do the rest! From negotiating the purchase price to construction management to final sale!

Group Partnership

Have multiple friends interested? No problem. We will offer the same JV structure to groups of investors at discounted pricing. Learn with friends, save money!

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I Received my 1st contract back from my long distance seller. 2 story. 4/1 rehabbers delight. Over $6k in profit, thanks Flip Mentors!

Larry Smith Electrician

I have had the privilege of talking to the guys at Flip Mentors and it changed my life forever

Jessica Herschald Entrepreneur

I made $22,000 in 4 day flipping 2 houses thanks to the advice from Flip Mentors!

Sarah Lane Teacher

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